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20 November 2009 @ 09:46 am
You can't know what proud is until you have children  
Gerald is 6 months. I'm now 25 and pregnant again. 10 weeks so far. :)

I can not keep him out of anything. The joys of raising a Waring.... Who also happens to be a Taurus. I'm in for a roller coaster ride. The new baby should be a gemini/cancer. I'm arguing with my husband right now. If it's a boy I want Egypt. Other boys names I will consider - Briar and Gambit. :) The girls name is already settled. Trissana June Whisper Waring.

I'm hoping that we will be moving state side. I find out in several weeks if I'm allowed to even stay here. Very nervous. I found paper work for permanent residence, But need to go to the library to print it out. I also have to call immigration, because it looks like the cost is only 50$ and considering I had to pay 287$ just for an extension, I'm sure it can't be right.

Gerry is very advanced for his age in almost all areas. I think it's because he's a Taurus. Or it could be I slept all the time during pregnancy that he was able to develop so well. :)

Today should be busy busy busy. Have to go to the clinic for gerry's shots.

I want a corn dog with mustard..........I hate corn dogs.

And in other news.... Jessie won her case yesterday!! I'm so happy for her.
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